I’ll Do it Later………

Nothing strikes fear into the heart of many like the phrase “I’ll Do it Later”!  For many of us later never comes.  Our local boogey man, Procrastination, has reared its ugly head.  Countless hours have been stolen from us all in both our personal and professional lives.  However, if we really sit back and think about it, the hours weren’t really stolen; they were freely given.  You see, we could of went ahead and scheduled that feedback session with our boss so we could create an action plan. for our next career move  Yet, somehow email archiving seemed to be such a better utilization of our time.  Additionally, have you ever looked at the clock and said, I’ll just go into Facebook for a mental break, and three hours later you find yourself still liking pictures, and messaging with your friends?

If you said yes, it’s okay because I’m guilty of this too!  However, the first step in fixing the problem is stating we have a problem.  We have to get real.  We are all adults and we have to take responsibility for our actions.  While it may not always be fun, it is very necessary to suffer through the hard stuff early, so we can enjoy the reward later.  When someone else is promoted before you, I’m sure you’ll be remembering and wishing for all that time you freely gave away.  So if you are like me, and often say…”I’ll just do it later” remember that same mentality will come back to haunt you when it’s time for a raise or promotion.  Besides, what’s the problem with doing it right now anyway?  Usually, there isn’t a problem, we are just being LAZY.

Don’t let procrastination or laziness get  in the way of your dreams!  Do it now and do it right!



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