Professional Emancipation

Are you doing well in your career with the prospect of a promotion?  Does your employer like and value you as a person?  Are you making good money, with lots of security and benefits to go along with it?  Your job has allowed you to live a nice lifestyle. All of your basic needs are met and plenty of your wants.  You look around you and see that you are doing as well as or better than many of your peers. Everything is going along as planned, except for one thing; you hate your job.  Although you may be good at it and on the fast track to continued success, it provides very little fulfillment or joy. So, you feel trapped; locked to your job by the golden handcuffs.

Golden handcuffs are a type of financial incentive designed to motivate highly-valued employees from seeking positions elsewhere.  These incentives must be repaid if the employee leaves within a specified period of time.  This is a way to keep you shackled to your job.  Locking yourself into your job is very easy to do.  Almost everyone does it at some point and time.  It often occurs gradually, but can also occur over time.  Beware of the golden handcuffs, they look good at first, but they lock tight and are very difficult to remove. 

Now that you’ve created this wonderful lifestyle for yourself, built up to a level of  financial security, how can you unlock the handcuffs and make a change? How can you find something you feel passionate about without totally upsetting everything else in your life?  Well one answer is simple:  If you treat your career as a business, and learn how to work “with” employers instead of “for” employers, this shift in mindset will help you see what you need to do to take control and find the kind of career success and satisfaction you want and deserve.  Also, never take a job just for the money. In the end, your paycheck will be your paycheck and you will be left doing a job that makes you miserable.

Remember, every journey begins with you wanting to make a change, so whether you are just entering the workforce and trying to land your first job or you want to continue looking for that perfect opportunity, I can help you on your journey to a new career and help you map out the plan that will take you there. So feel free to contact me at


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Take the First Step!

When looking for a job or new career, everyone needs a little help.  No one can or should handle everything alone, but who knows what you want or need better than you?  You need to take the first step towards planning your new career.  Take a little time to really figure out what it is you want to do with your life.  Don’t be afraid to ask others for assistance.  Asking for help creates an atmosphere of empowerment.  It communicates to others that, while you may not have all the answers, you are willing to find them and make better decisions. 

The number one reason people don’t like to ask for help is simply fear.  Fear that others will judge you, fear that others will see you as weak or damaged. This fear is the same kind of fear that holds many of us back from getting ahead on our jobs and in our lives.   We get caught up with NOT asking others for help in finding opportunities.  Sometimes, if you are lucky, we may have people in our lives that can see what we need and offer to help before we ask.  Realize that it’s not always easy for other people to see when we need help. Oftentimes we put on a brave front to mask the problem or give off signals that we don’t want to talk about it.   Don’t wait for someone to read your mind or notice what you need. Ask, and if their help doesn’t get you what you expect right away, don’t give up.   

Successful people are driven and motivated and when the going gets tough, they ask for help!  They know what they are good at and surround themselves with people who are good at everything else. They readily acknowledge when they don’t know something and instead of pretending they do know, they ask questions to try and educate themselves.  There is so much to accomplish throughout the day that it can become overwhelming. Getting help is often the solution, that’s where I come in.  Every journey begins with a first step; so whether you are just entering the workforce and trying to land your first job or you want to continue to successfully climb the ladder. I can help you on your journey to a new career and help you map out the plan that will take you there. So feel free to contact me at


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Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

Many of life’s hurdles cannot be tackled alone, when struggling with problems; it is natural to turn to others for help. Helping each other is all part of the giving and receiving that makes up good relationships. Getting help sounds easy, but sometimes we stand in our own way without realizing it. Certain beliefs or ways of thinking can make it hard to seize opportunities for help. Asking for help is the first step towards positive progress.

If you are not making any progress in your job search; perhaps it is due to a breakdown in communications. Here are some tips on how best to ‘ask your way’ into a great new job:

1-Be specific-Help others help you by providing targeted job titles and a list of companies that demonstrate your dream job. People are more willing to help others who are clearly trying to help themselves.

2-Be passionate-When requesting help; get passionate about your next great gig. Don’t moan about how long you’ve been looking for work, or look and sound desperate. Stay upbeat and positive.

3-Be regular-People are busy, reach out regularly, about every week or two with an update on your search and a request for contacts into some different companies. More likely than not, without regular follow-up, they’ll forget all about you in spite of wanting to help.

4-Be appreciative-Any time someone helps you is a gift. If the information they offer is not helpful, say thank you anyway. Their time and attention has value and the gracious thing to do is to offer to return the favor in some way, or perhaps take them to lunch as a gesture of appreciation.

Of course it’s hard to reach out and ask for help when you’re at a low point in life. But realize none of us can go at it alone. I encourage you to use these guidelines and ask absolutely everyone in your world to support you. Most people really do want to be helpful. So help them help you by being specific, being positive and passionate, and being in touch regularly. Being unemployed is no fun and can take a toll on a person, I get that, and sometimes a helping hand is all you need. The trick is how you ask for it. That’s where I come in, I can help whether you are just entering the workforce and trying to land your first job, or whether you want to continue to successfully climb the ladder. I can help you on your journey to a new career and help you map out the plan that will take you there. So feel free to contact me at





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Job Fair: Is it Worth Your Time?

Once upon a time, job fairs were a great recruitment tool for job seekers and employers. But in today’s economic downturn, job fairs may or may not be a quality use of time. Over the years, these events have changed quite a bit. It seems that now there are fewer companies represented while the number of job seekers have risen to an all-time high. Companies use to believe that job fairs were a great way to get the word out about their company and to meet prospective employees as well as gather resumes. Today, job fairs are not as useful because the same brochures and information you receive at the job fair, you could have gotten from the company web site.

As for the job seeker, here are some benefits of attending job fairs:
1-It is a great opportunity to meet employers in one convenient place.
2-You might see companies that you may not have previously considered.
3-They allow you to brush up on your interviewing skills as well as social skills.
4-They allow you to network with other job seekers as well as the companies.
5-They provide an opportunity for a face-to-face contact with a recruiter; to put yourself out there and be known.

FYI!!! It is not worth attending a job fair if it is going to cost you money. If you have to travel and spend money on a hotel, food, gas and so on just to get to the job fair – it’s probably not worth the time and expense.

Remember, job fairs are for the purpose of getting yourself out there, becoming known to the hiring companies, offering up your resume and networking with others. Always do your research ahead of time, and check out companies that are sponsoring booths and see if any of these companies would be a good fit for you. If you see a company that peaks your interest and the event is local, then I say go for it. Polish up your resume, dress to impress, practice your interview speech, tack on a smile and go out and get the job that you deserve! Whether you are just entering the workforce and trying to land your first job, or whether you want to continue to successfully climb the ladder, successful job search networking can give you a leg up on your competitors. I can help you on your journey to a new career and help you map out the plan that will take you there. So feel free to contact me at

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Should you stay or should you go?

There is no secret it is a pretty tough job market out there these days; both for those who are completely without work and those who have jobs but certainly not the dream careers they desire. And although there are no real statistics to measure these people, there are likely many that have jobs they would very much like to leave.

Has your job become unbearable or boring? Are you one of those people at work who constantly watches the clock? Are you bothered by every single one of your co-workers? Do you feel like you are stuck in a rut? Have you always wanted more satisfaction from your career? If your answer to these questions is YES, your job has lost its thrill and it is time for a change.

High unemployment and job insecurity may force most workers to stay put, but others think it is a great time to start fresh. To help you figure out if the time is right to change careers, ask yourself the following:

Reasons to Stay
• You’ve always had a regular job that won’t easily fit into freelance or self-employment?
• You’ve just recently become unhappy with your job?
• You have debts and responsibilities but your job is secure.
• You live in an area of high unemployment.
• You’re the family’s sole earner.
• You hate insecurity, need routine in your life and you’re not very flexible.

Reasons to Go
• Your job is making you ill.
• Your skills are in high demand.
• You’ve started a business while employed and it’s going well.
• You have plenty of savings.
• You have a working partner who’s prepared to support you.
• You have great contacts, and you like networking.
• You’ve done your research; you spotted a gap in the market and know you’re the one to fill it.

Change is not always easy, but guess what? You are not alone in this. You might be surprised who else is in the same boat as you. There are a lot of people are either actively searching for a new job, or seriously considering it. I can help you on your journey to a new career and help you map out a plan that will take you there. So feel free to contact me at My job is to support you in making informed decisions about your current career path and development, as well as offer various tools that you can use—résumés, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles—to meet those goals.

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Two-Way Street

In today’s job market, many people are confusing networking with self-promotion. Networking is a no-brainer if you want to get ahead in your quest for a new job. Making new connections is difficult for some because many of us dread walking into a room and introducing ourselves to a bunch of strangers. But there is a fine line between relationship-building and obvious self-promoting. We must realize that networking is a two-way street; it is about using people to get what you want, while being used to offer others what they may want and need. Here are 10 practical tips to use for networking and self-promoting:

1- Enhance Your Business Card; Try using an exciting color or shape for your business card to help it stand out.

2-Volunteer; Work the registration desk; this can be a good way to meet people without too much effort.

3-Arrive Early; Arriving early can give you a chance to network with other professionals in a less-competitive environment.

4-Pick a Number; If you hate talking to strangers, make a game of it by giving yourself a number of people you must speak with.

5-Plan an Event Yourself; You could organize your own networking event, complete with guest speaker.

6-Be Interested, Not Interesting; Most people love to talk about themselves, so being a good listener is an asset in networking.

7-Follow Up; You should follow up within 48 hours of meeting a contact you wish to keep in touch with, either by phone, e-mail or text.

8-Use Social Media; LinkedIn can connect you with people in your field that you don’t know. Once the contact is made, ask to meet with them for coffee or a drink.

9-Get an Internship; This is a great way to test-drive a career before committing.

10-Go Viral; Social Media (like Facebook and Twitter) can aid in your job search by letting you message people you don’t talk with every day.

Remember, if people aren’t seeking you out from watching your interactions with others, you need to rethink your art and raise your game. When you find the right career path, go for it! Sometimes you know yourself better than anyone else. After all, it’s your life and the only one who can make your dreams come true is you. Whether you are just entering the workforce and trying to land your first job, or whether you want to continue to successfully climb the ladder, successful job search networking can give you a leg up on your competitors.  I can help you on your journey to a new career and help you map out the plan that will take you there.  So feel free to contact me at  

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Give to Receive! (Part One)

The dictionary defines networking as a supportive system of sharing information and services among individuals and groups having a common interest. Effective business networking is the linking together of individuals who through trust and relationship building become walking talking advertisements for one another. Networking is basically talking to people, sharing information and ideas. Make sure that everyone you know, knows that you are looking for work, and what kind of work you are looking for. Talk to you family, friends, neighbors, and associates in any groups that you participate in. The best networking tool is to keep in contact with one or two people from previous jobs. They know what type of worker you are, so they are in the best position to recommend you to someone who is hiring, or just let you know of job opportunities that would interest you.

Have you ever used the phrase “What goes around comes around?”  Well in networking is just that.  You have to be able to help others, not just help yourself.  You have to give something to get something, its not all about you.  Ask people: “How can I help you?” and “What can I do for you?”  Networking is about building a wide and relevant network of meaningful contacts – not just having lots of one-to-one meetings. It is a proven fact that people hire people they know first before even looking at resumes of people who responded to a Help Wanted Ad.  Employers will seek to hire someone recommended as their second choice.  The more people in your network, the more chances you have for finding out about a position you might not have heard about, and the more chances you have of getting a personal recommendation.  Remember, “it’s not what you know, it’s about who you know…”  Business networking, like any other business activity, requires a concentrated effort to produce results.  If you treat networking like an occasional or purely social club it will not produce good business results.  Business networking requires a sustained effort to make things happen.  Build relationships first, your reputation next, and referrals and introductions will follow.

So, whether you are currently out of work or a working professional looking to make a career move, feel free to contact me at I can help you on your journey to a new career and help you map out the plan that will take you there. Sometimes its not always about the advice you seek, but the reassurance that you are on the RIGHT track. 


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